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These are vintage rail sleepers hewn by innumerable thundering locomotives Jagger is a panel of intense warmth, richness and substance. It is dark and heavy, literally – Jagger doesn’t float.The percussive heritage of the panel continues to beat out its vibrant, timeless rhythm.


Ironwood, Lauraceae Eusideroxylon Zwageri, Bankirai, Dipterocarpaceae Shorea Laevis

FINISHING Parquet oil, erosion
SOURCE Reclaimed wood
COLOR Mix of natural deep redbrown colors
DIMENSIONS 675x150mm with 75mm cut out at each end
CONSTRUCTION Glued lamination
THICKNESS 20mm - 40mm
TREATMENT DTM wood preservative
PACKAGING per sqm, 11pcs/sqm
2 layered carton
WEIGHT ca. 22 kg/sqm
REMARKS Fire retardant on request