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Bridges is different to all others as it is made from smooth slats. So it stands out as the only level-surface panel within our collection. Bridges effortlessly combines character and versatility. These panels offer tremendous varied depths of tone and are available in a range of dimensions.


Teak, Lamiaceae Tectone Grandis, Meranti,
Dipterocarpaceae Shorea, Bankirai, Dipterocarpaceae Shorea Laevis, Saman, Fabaceae Albizia Saman, Ironwood, Lauraceae Eusideroxylon Zwageri, Jackfruit, Moraceae Artocarpus, Heterophyllus, Mango, Anacardiaceae Mangifera Indica, Mahogany, MeliaceaeSwietenia Mahagoni, Indonesian Rosewood, Fabaceae Dalbergia Latifolia

SOURCE Reclaimed wood
FINISHING Fine sanding
COLOR Mix of natural brown colors, light brown to dark brown
DIMENSIONS length: 400, 500, 800 and 1000 mm
width: 50 - 100mm
CONSTRUCTION Single elements
THICKNESS 6 mm - 8 mm
TREATMENT DTM wood preservative
number of pieces dependent on size
depending on size
2 layered carton
WEIGHT ca. 6 kg/sqm