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Water, sand and cement form concrete – ultra-fine optical fibres break through the concrete mass punctually whilst mechanical and haptical characteristics remain untouched.

LUCEM light transmitting concrete is offered as untrimmed panels indifferent colors and thicknesses. The panels are calibrated, polished and made hydrophobic.

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Due to a fine-meshed structure consisting of light transmitting fibers, the impression of a lightweight structure which in conjunction with illumination elegantly reveals silouted objetcs.

Diffuse natural light and sun light provide the full spectrum of colors shining through the LUCEM panels. Artificial light sources can be used depending upon the application for single colors or even fascinating effects by giving completely new possibilities regarding rooms and surfaces.

Illumination systems
For an evenly contributed light of LUCEM concrete panels, a specially developed lighting source can be provided. This LUCEM Lightpanel consists of a ultra-flat acrylic panel with all-sided light feeding. This highly efficient and energy saving LED lightsource is available in white or colored light, with or without colorchanging mode. The entire installation height does not require more than 1 cm.

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If required, the light transmitting fibers can be arranged in logos, names or icons 
– a guarantee for an individual and distinctive appearance.

Depending upon the building's local situation and the creative intension, the use of optical fibers in combination with the raw material concrete can be varied manifold. With this unique material, LUCEM panels provide unique highlights from your idea. Colored pigments and additives

LUCEM panels are available in the colors white, grey and anthracite. But due to additional adding of pigments and additives, each mixture can be customized.

Design object and special formats
The cutting of panels in any shape can be realised with high precision water-jet cutting. The materiality of concrete and the flexibility of optical fibers enables the creation of even unexpected forms. Due to this, single objects or limited-lot productions may be realised, fitting the specific demands and being perfectly adapted to the building project.

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